They say the eyes tell it any surprise that the eye area is one of the first areas of the face to show aging?  Not to mention, the eyes are the focal point of your face and are noticed first.  But even impeccable skin can have issues in the eye area.  To combat that issue, I offer these wonderful anti-aging eye treatments chosen specifically for your skin type/condition. 

Vitamin C eye treatment:$10/20 (with facial/a la carte)
Unique eye treatment infused with vitamin C that is left below the eye to help prevent premature aging in this delicate area.

Collagen eye treatment: $20/30(with facial/a la carte)
Dry or tired eyes will benefit from this velvety fleece mask constructed of nonwoven collagen tissues to boost moisture content and soothe irritated skin.

Supreme eye treatment $30/40(with facial/a la carte)
The ultimate in eye treatments!  This three-stage process includes a highly concentrated ampoule developed specifically for the troublesome eye area followed by a contour cooling mask for the sensitive area around the eyes to provide much needed hydration.  Finally, an anti-aging eye cream is applied to completely nourish and rejuvenate the delicate eye skin.  You won't believe your eyes!  30 minutes

Eyebrow tint:$15
Have your brows finally succumbed to age or over-tweezing/waxing?  A fuller brow will give a more youthful appearance.  Tint generally lasts 3-4 weeks.  NOTE:  CONTRAINDICATED FOR PERSONS WITH PEANUT ALLERGY.

Eyelash tint:  $25
If you don't always want to use mascara or if you have light-colored lashes, consider tinting!  Tint is formulated with natural ingredients, contains no coal tar or other banned ingredients and comes in a variety of shades:  Black, Graphite, Auburn, Brown, and Blue Black.  NOTE:  CONTRAINDICATED FOR PERSONS WITH PEANUT ALLERGY.

Eyebrow and eyelash tint:       $35

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Innovative anti-aging eye treatments for the ultimate age-defying experience

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