Green Peel®  Herbal Deep Peeling Treatment is a medically developed, biological herbal peel that consists of a mixture of dried, crushed particles of whole plants/natural herbs.  In contrast to other exfoliating products, it does not contain any chemicals or synthetic peeling agents.  It is considered safe and has no side effects.  The treatment is based on a massage with GREEN PEEL® herbs.  Green Peel has been used all over the world for over 50 years with great success. 

I offer the following Green Peel options and each are briefly described below:

Green Peel Fresh-Up
Illuminate your skin

This version is the mini/light version, like a "tune-up" for the skin.  Ideal for a person who wants to have a more radiant complexion for a special occasion, e.g. for a party or an important business meeting. 

Green Peel Classic
Renew your skin

Regain your natural beauty with the power of nature!  I consider this the "deep" version of Green Peel.  Depending on the individual and the skin type, the skin usually begins to peel visibly.  The appearance of the new skin is improved, younger, and clear.  Your complexion will be fresh in color and finer in texture.  Wrinkles and scars will appear visibly reduced.  Problems successfully addressed by the Green Peel include the following:  Impure oily skin, disturbed pores; sagging facial contours, wrinkled, sun-damaged skin.

Green Peel pricing:

Green Peel Fresh-Up:    $150
Green Peel Classic:        $250--(price includes Peel, post-peel facial five days later,                                                                      and home care kit)

*with Classic Green Peel
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