Experience the ultimate  in hair removal with Nufree®, an organic, wax-free, soy-based, antibacterial, antimicrobial epilation system that removes the entire hair, root bulb & shaft each time with much less pain.  For best results, hair should be at least 1/4-1/2 inch long.

Please inform me if you are using Retin-A, Accutane or any derivatives or if you are undergoing microdermabrasion, laser service of any kind, or any other specialized procedures. 


Brazilian:   $70 (female only)
Bikini:  $35 (female only)
Brazini:$50  (my term for in between bikini and Brazilian)
Underarms:     $25
1/2 arms:   $30
Full arms:  $45
1/2 legs:    $55
Full legs:   $80 and up**
Abdomen: $25
Full back or chest:$50


Vajazzle w/Brazilian:    Add $5
Vajazzle w/Bikini:   Add $10
Vajazzle DIY:   $20 (you take home and apply yourself)


Eyebrow:  $15
Lip:     $12
Brow/lip combo:    $25
Chin:   $15
Full face:   $45  (brow, lip, chin, and jawline)
Partial face:    $30  (lip, chin, and jawline)
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Cathy White Skin Care
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Vajazzling now available! Please see below for more info and pricing

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Questions about Brazilian wax or Vajazzling? Please follow the link below for more information on hair removal/waxing, etc

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